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Aqua water purifier

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Aqua Smart

Water Dispenser With 7 Stages RO System

Model- 2307-ACH

  • 10" sediment prefilter
  • 10" GAC prefilter
  • 10" carbon block prefilter
  • Booster pump110/220V, 50/60Hz
  • RO membrane (75GPD)
  • Post inline GAC filter
  • Natural Mineralizer
  • Ultraviolet ( UV )
  • Hot Storiges Tank: 5.L
  • Cold Storiges tank 10.L
  • Normal Storiges Tank 18.L

RO water dispenser is the best product to supply chilled water. This product can be installed easily in your house or office to supply chilled water according to your requirements. Ro water dispenser has inbuilt RO system which removes all harmful particles present in the water. Inbuilt filters, filter the water returning from the mains water system, chill the water, and dispense chilled water for drinking.

The dispenser has multi-layer filters so when water goes from these filters it’s completely filtered and stored and moves throw refrigeration and becomes filled and then it is supplied pure water for you.

We supply ro water dispenser in entire UAE. Generally our team can deliver the products at your doorstep within 2-3 business days; however, in emergency demand, our team is always ready to get it for you as per your requirements.