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UV Water Filter

Ultraviolet ( UV ) water purification in Dubai

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How UV filter works:

Stage 1:

Pre filter 5 micron to remove suspended material such as sediments, insects, fiber, asbestos, rust and dust etc.

Stage 2:

Activated carbon block filter to absorb complete chlorine, odor, color and organic chemicals from feed water.

Stage 3:

Pre filter 1 micron to remove suspended material such as sediments, insects, fiber, asbestos, rust and dust etc.

Stage 4:

UV Sterilization system Killed bacteria & virus. Ultra-violet (UV) Unit is a Drinking water system used to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses….

Benefits of UV filter

Those who are concerned with microorganisms in their drinking water could be curious about installing an ultraviolet (UV) water purification system, additionally known as a UV water filter. The UV water filter works by enclosing a UV lamp during a clear sleeve, usually made of quartz or serious glass. The water passes by the lamp and is exposed to the UV rays. UV rays can completely destroy microbes that are harmful if consumed by humans, thereby purifying the water.

There are several blessings to employing a UV water filter over different water purification systems. First, chemicals don't seem to be introduced in the water. Consequently, the style, color, and PH of the water remain unaltered and there is not any cancer-causing bi-merchandise, as there is with chlorine. Second, water that has been treated with UV rays can never damage plumbing or septic tank systems. Third, installation and maintenance is each easy and inexpensive. Fourth, it's one among the foremost effective ways that to kill disease-causing microbes, like viruses, bacteria, mildew, and algae. Fifth, it needs very little energy to run a UV water filter – about the same energy as it's to run a sixty-watt lightweight bulb.

The main purpose of a UV water filter is to kill microbes that are found in contaminated water. Some microbes are really dangerous and they can cause hepatitis virus, the enteric virus, and the virus that causes Legionnaires’ disease, will survive in chlorine-infused water. However, these same viruses are immediately killed once they tolerate a UV water purification system.